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Our tests can give you insight aboutProstate Health

Effective prevention and treatment of prostate cancer

  • Genetic assessment of prostate cancer risk
  • Genetic assessment of prostatic hyperplasia risk
  • Extensive test of more than 9 genetic variations
  • Analysis of 13+ genetic variations, predicting the effectiveness of over 40 relevant drugs
  • Effective preventive measures and timely detection
  • Better healing process through optimal medical treatment
  • Adaptation of lifestyle to lower the risk of illness

The prostate is a sex gland. It lies below the bladder, near the beginning of the urethra, and is about the size and shape of a chestnut. It consists of several glands that produce a secretion that is discharged during ejaculation into the urethra, where it is mixed with the sperm.

Thus, it plays an important role in reproduction. Unfortunately, the prostate is also associated with a number of diseases, some of which can be serious or even fatal. As a result, every man should undergo an annual examination of the prostate after the age of 45.