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Pure Dna Complete

Vitamins according to your genes! PURE DNA Complete is tailored specifically for you, giving you the exact recommended dose of micronutrients needed, according to your genes.

PURE DNA Complete consists of a variety of different raw materials, which are selected and processed according to the highest quality standards. Special attention is paid to bioavailability (how well and how quickly the micronutrient is absorbed), compatibility and purity.

Pure DNA Complete is available in combination with the Health Analysis, Nutrition Analysis, Weight Analysis and Sport Analysis. Order your Pure DNA Complete for 3 months or subscribe directly ordering your analysis for 12 or 24 months and receive your personalised vitamins based on your DNA!


Pure DNA Weight Control is a blend of two certified medical products, which block the absorption of either fat or carbohydrates by the intestine. Your genetic analysis will show how sensitive you are to fat and carbohydrates.

Based on the results of your genetic analysis, Pure DNA Weight Control is tailored specifically for you, to help you with your weight management. Each individual measure contains an individualized ratio of the two clinically proven components. This product will bind the fat in your diet, keeping it from being absorbed into your body and added to your body's fat stores. This is a simple way to further reduce your calorie intake and increase your weight loss success.

Pure DNA Weight Control is available in combination with the Health Analysis, Nutrition Analysis, Weight Analysis and Sport Analysis. You can order your Pure DNA Weight Control for 12 weeks.


Alongside Pure Beauty Analysis, Pure Genetic Lifestyle is also introducing Pure DNA Beauty; 100% Personalized Products from the outside and Pure DNA Complete, 100% Personalized Supplements from the inside.

The Pure Genetic Lifestyle range of supplements and skincare products supply the nutrients your body needs in the right way, either through your skin or orally. They include:

  • Pure DNA Beauty Serum Day 60ml

  • Pure DNA Beauty Serum Night 60ml
  • Pure DNA Beauty Lotion 400ml
  • Pure DNA Complete Beauty (vitamins and minerals)

Some micronutrients are most effective when applied topically to the skin in a cream or serum. Others cannot penetrate the skin’s natural barriers and must be absorbed internally via supplements, enabling the blood circulation to transport the required micronutrients to the skin from inside.

The Pure Beauty products are tailor-made specifically for you, according to the unique formula based on your genetic profile. This way you obtain exactly the exact substances that your skin needs in exactly the right dosage. Pure DNA Beauty, unique and personal!