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Nutrition Analysis

Genetic variations affect how your body responds to certain nutrients, food ingredients and which substances can be converted and used correctly. This provides a genetic analysis for a healthy diet and weight control, which in conjunction with Nutrigenetics provides a diet plan as unique as you!

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Nutrigenomics: Nutrition according to your genes

Genetic variations affect how your body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients, and which substances can be converted and used correctly.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of many diseases; thanks to the newest technology, we can now analyze your genes and adjust your nutrition so that your genetic risks can be reduced. If, for example, the genetic analysis determines that you have a high risk of developing osteoporosis, you will be given the recommendation to change your nutrition to increase your calcium intake.

Calcium-containing dairy products are therefore highly recommended. However, if you are also predisposed to lactose intolerance, your diet plan should include other calcium-containing foods, such as broccoli. By taking into account more than 50 genes and more than 22 metabolic problems, the nutrition plan can be individually adapted to compensate for genetic weaknesses, allowing you to live as healthy life for as long as possible.

Weight reduction

About 80% of obesity is caused by genetic variations. Since each of us carries different genes, some people may gain weight by absorbing too much fat (due to their unfavorable genes) while others can even have twice as much fat in their diet and still absorb only the necessary amount.

The situation is similar with carbohydrates: some people gain weight because of the carbohydrates contained in their diet, while others are completely unaffected by the amount of sugar. The optimum amount of sport and calorie reduction also depends on the genes.

Through an analysis of the eight relevant genes, a personalized weight loss program can be put together; according to an experiment, a personalized program may lead to a 2.5 times higher success rate.

  • Analysis of 50+ genetic variations
  • Impact on more than 20 metabolic problems
  • Evaluation of over 1000 food types based on your genes
  • Identify your individual needs for over 20 vitamins and minerals
  • Nutritional plan
  • How can your nutrition improve your blood parameters?
  • Is vitamin B2 effective in lowering homocysteine levels?
  • Is your body able to adequately detoxify toxins?
  • How can you help the detoxification process through your diet?
  • How strong is your body's defense against oxidative stress?
  • How can you help your body fight against free radicals?
  • Is your typical calcium uptake reduced?
  • What food types should you avoid because of possible intolerances?
  • What food ingredients should you avoid, and which ones should be preferred?
  • What quantity of more than 20 different vitamins and minerals is recommended?

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