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Sport Analysis

The Sport Analysis provides a personal report identifying each relevant factor that influences your athletic performance, taking into account your genetic predispositions and ultimately helps you to reach your peak athletic performance. It offers an optimized nutrition and training program based on your genes in order to make the most of your genetic strengths and weaknesses, to achieve optimal athletic performance.

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Optimized nutrition and training program based on your genes

Certain genetic variations control the structure of your body, and therefore have a significant impact on the strength and endurance of your muscle cells. Because of these genes, some genetic types are ideally suited to respond quickly and generate high forces (large and thick cells), whereas other genetic types have muscle cells which are weaker and slower, but because they have an improved blood circulation are optimally suited for endurance sports.

Strength or endurance sports

Scientific studies have shown that an athlete has a 5x higher chance of qualifying for Olympic / World Cup League in a sport suitable for his genes, than in any other sport. Genetic analysis thus allows identifying your genetic talent for strength or for endurance sports, and you can define your athletic orientation accordingly.


Your genes also control how your body absorbs certain nutrients and converts them in order to remain healthy. There are differences in the absorption of calcium, in how the body responds to certain food ingredients or how it performs the detoxification from performance impairing pollutants, and in what micronutrients are needed in order to keep the joints healthy.

  • Analysis of more than 52 genetic variations
  • Analysis of genetic talent for strength and endurance sports
  • Impact on more than 20 metabolic problems
  • Evaluation of performance lowering food ingredients
  • Prevention of inflammatory response and injury
  • Customized nutritional program for an optimized energy balance
  • Increase your body’s detoxification capability
  • Determine your individual needs for over 20 vitamins and minerals
  • Enhance your performance in competitive sport

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